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Codeforia for schools
"Codeforia for Schools" is a project that aims to popularize the learning of programming and algorithmics. Codeforia is a team of active programmers, teachers, educators, and editors who have combined their strengths and experience to create the best programming course for students. The platform provides a comprehensive programming learning tool for schools, including:
Additional materialsAdditional materials
Prepared materials support teachers in teaching, making it possible to adapt the pace of learning to the student's needs.
Teacher panelTeacher panel
A dedicated teacher panel that allows the tracking of students' progress.
Gamification elements (such as points, progress bars, and badges) motivate students to continue developing and acquiring new skills. This makes learning more engaging and effective.
Automatic assessment of solutionsAutomatic assessment of solutions
Solutions are automatically assessed for correctness and efficiency. Available tests help the teacher guide students toward the correct solution.
Teacher forumTeacher forum
We enable teachers to share their experiences and ideas for teaching, allowing for the continuous development of programming teaching methodologies.
Join the schools using our programming learning platform. Feel free to contact us at
+48 512-232-845
+48 796-624-068
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